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About Us

Established in 2013, Futbal First School of Soccer and Futsal is the place for young players to come and work on developing their football skills in order to reach their highest capabilities in a fun yet highly professional environment. Futbal First actively runs full-time and part-time academy (skills acquisition) programs, small group training and individual coaching sessions along with a futsal program. Currently, we have approximately 130 players in at least one of our programs or consistently training with us.

Our team of coaches includes; Rodrigo Vargas, Kosta Drakoulakos, Nebojsa Pejic, Clayton Chappell (GK coach), and head coach Neb Stojkovic. Information on coaches' credentials below.​

All coaches possess extensive playing and coaching experience and that combined with their passion and professionalism and knowledge ensures that we are providing our players with the highest quality of training and opportunities to reach their maximum potential in all aspects of becoming an elite athlete in football. Each coach brings their own unique signature to Futbal First which compliments our philosophy and program. As a coaching team, we continually reassess ourselves and our program in order to provide the best possible coaching for our students.


‘Only if we become better every day and lead by example, can we expect the same from our players.’  

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Our Mission

Our mission is to always be the best we can, to continually learn and educate ourselves in order to provide our players with the best coaching experience possible. As coaches, we will also endeavour to be positive role models and build a relationship of respect, trust and friendship with our players as we believe that players achieve more in this environment. Our training sessions and development of the players are designed according to European level and our aim is to develop each player depending on their age and performance ability.


We aim to bring out the best in every player on every level. It is important to us to ensure that all players are able to become valued members of any team and to understand the importance of positive attitudes and mental strength, learn leadership qualities as well as develop into elite athletes in every aspect of football. It is important for players to become responsible for their own results as we coach and guide them to be their best, they must also understand that success comes from dedication, commitment and hard work.


Ultimately, we aim to help players reach their dreams and open up opportunities and provide pathways for our players to reach their goals in the football and sporting industry in general.

Our Coaches


Nebojsa Stojkovic

Head Coach

Head Coach Nebojsa Stojkovic coaches all Individual and Small Group Training sessions and currently holds his FFA B Licence, FFS B Licence, AFC Futsal Level 1 Licence and West Ham Coaching Certificate. Nebojsa, also has professional soccer playing experience in Europe along with professional international futsal player experience.


  • FFS B Licence

  • FFA B Licence

  • AFC Futsal Level 1 Licence

  • West Ham Utd Coaching Licence


Professional Playing Experience


Nebojsa Pejic

Saturday Academy Coach / Futsal Coach

Nebojsa Pejic, a former professional player, has played in the Serbian and Bosnian Super Leagues for several teams. He holds a UEFA B license and has been working with Futbal First for the past 6 years as a full-time Head Coach. He has also represented the Bosnian National U19 team in a few appearances.


  • UEFA B Licence

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Professional Playing Experience

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For my coach Neb,
You are my coach & my idol. You push me out of my comfort zone & I see results. You make me fall in love with the beautiful game over & over again! Most of all, you have given me a focus, a pathway & goals to aim for, a vision of who I can be & you always believe in me! You inspire me to be the best I can be. Thank you for being my coach

Futbal First Player


Get to Know Us

Over the past few years we can confidently say that we have helped and continue to help our players reach their goals. This is evident when they have come to Futbal First playing at a community club level and are now playing at higher levels in the NPL, State Squads and also at international levels. We currently have a number of Futbal First players playing in Europe and chasing their dreams. Most importantly, we are helping young players fall in love with the beautiful game by combining a fun and enjoyable environment with professionalism and hard work.

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