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Our part time youth academy is available for players aged 6-14 years old and focuses mainly on skills acquisition training. Our coaches will focus extensively on implementing a solid foundation of technical skill, mainly the four core skills; running with the ball, 1v1, striking the ball and first touch. These ages are the most important ages for a players development. 


In the early junior years, our training emphasis is on building a love for the game, discovering their own natural abilities and understanding learning through trial and error whilst incorporating the basics of the four core skills in a fun learning environment.

As we progress to ages 10, 11 and 12, our players become more  efficient in the four core skills as they advance to more challenging training drills. By the ages of 13 and 14 years old, our players are skills developed and the four core skills are now included into game strategy / tactical training sessions, along with ball possession/ball possession opponent in order to start preparing our players for senior football. 
In 2018, we will aim to develop a leadership group within our older players which will be selected at our coaches discretion based on their level of performance, behavior and knowledge. We also endeavor to start introducing video analysis to our U12-U13/14s groups

All training programs will include:
Warm up with activation
Agility and coordination 
All sessions will have active learning emphasis on 
Support Playing
Playing without a ball
Coaching players around yourself
Training sessions will also contain the 5 main moments in soccer, known as 5Ws

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Our Services

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