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Kosta Drak, founder of 747 Fitness is a very important member of Futbal First with his expertise in strength and conditioning training for soccer athletes. Strength and conditioning plays an important role in players performance on the field and also is a major factor in injury prevention. Kosta Drak is a part of both, our full time and part time academies.  



¨ Balance, coordination & speed (movement quality)

¨ Agility & mobility (movement quality)

¨ Introduction to strength training

¨ Development of athletic self-awareness

¨ Aerobic running



¨ SMR (Self-Myofascial Release)

¨ Activation (Activating the glutes)

¨ Mobility (thoracic spine, hips & ankles)

¨ Flexibility

¨ Starting strength training


¨ Coaching movement competencies/efficiency for basic motor skill development for;

  • Jumping 

  • Landing 

  • Accelerating

  • Decelerating 

  • Changing Direction

  • Sprinting


Training Motor Patterns

*GPP = then integrate with skillIs vital for developing their nervous systems ability to recruit & train fast twitch motor units (neural efficiency) during these primal patterns. Another added benefit is the conversion of fibres (interchangeable) from slow twitch to fast twitch characteristics vital for long term sporting performance.


‘Unfortunately you can't choose your genetics BUT you can train physically to maximise your physical potential’




Kosta Drakoulakos

High Performance Coach


Phone: 0401758503

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