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Our full time academy program in cooperation with Year 7 to Year 12 students of Forest Hill College is designed to develop players to an elite standard with pathways to move forward and play at a professional level, go to university to get a masters in a field of  Sports (Forest Hill College has an affiliation with Latrobe and Melbourne Universities) and / or to move forward in a career as a coach, referee, or fitness instructor. If you want to be a professional soccer athlete, then it all starts now and you need to train like the professionals do.


Our program consists of 8+ hours of training a week, including up to 2 hours of strength and conditioning training, 1 hour of futsal training (optional but inclusive) with the remaining hours of soccer training with highly qualified and professional coaches who have professional playing experience. The difference between our full time academy and others is that we are developing individuals to reach their highest potential, not just their best for the academy team. 

Year 7-8 

After we assess our students, we will decide if we need to create a development squad between this age group. If needed, then we will do that in order to help them to improve faster.


Main focus with year 7-8 will be on increasing their skill level, especially focusing on 4 core skills plus ball control, awareness and communication.


Four core skills:

¨ First touch

¨ Striking the ball

¨ 1v1 attacking

¨ 1v1 defending


They will be able to demonstrate those skills in small sided games and in normal 11v11 games.


Students that are able to demonstrate the above requirements at a high level will be considered to advance to the year 9 and 10 training program for all or part thereof the program training sessions.

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Year 9-10 

Our focus with this age group will be on executing four main skills in game scenario and decision making. Working on specific positions in the game.

¨ Running with the ball when, where, why and how in the game scenario

¨ First touch away from opponent (which touch do I use, where I go with that touch, scanning prior to touch in game scenario.

¨ Striking the ball – passing:(which type of pass I use, when and where, what happen after I pass, accuracy of passing to reach targets.

¨ Shooting: which leg do I use, accuracy, type of shooting, quick reaction, volleys)

¨ 1v1 Attacking in game scenario: Which dribbling am I going to use, how quickly, decision making when and where I take players on, where on the park is best for me to take a player on, where is most of the play happening.

¨ 1v1 Defending in game scenario: When and where I should stop player, where I want him to go, second defender, not diving in, decision making.


Students that are able to demonstrate the above requirements at a high level will be consider to advance to the year 11 and 12 training program for all or part thereof the training program.

Year 11-12 

How to implement all the main skills in game scenario’s when playing in a specific position?

Working on the game specific training with focus on specific positions:


Building out from the back

Combination playing

Finishing around the box

Midfielder rotation

Defending as unit



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