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Futbal First has a good reputation for providing high-quality small group technical training sessions. Small groups usually consist of 3-6 players, based on similar ages and most importantly similar ability. All small group training sessions include elite technical training instruction by Nebojsa Stojkovic, head coach of Futbal First. He plans each and every training session to ensure that every player receives optimal opportunity to improve their individual technical skills along with focus on in-game situation training to improve decision making and skills including; 1v1, passing progressions, tactical strategy knowledge and also elevates their confidence.


Some kids love to work in the groups because they are very competitive and this environment motivates them to work hard and push their own limits. Most important, players learn from each other and learn from each other. Our kids usually start with individual training sessions to focus purely on their and after a while they join one of the groups according to their  ability level. 

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